Low Temperature Chilling Units

Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd. are able to supply skid-mounted, standard Chiller packages to achieve ambient to sub zero fluid temperatures for operation with a standard Heat/Cool/Chill package .

More Specialised units use liquid nitrogen as the chilling medium in a specially designed spiral heat exchanger to provide fluid at the lowest temperatures needed by some processes. A single package can supply several users via suitably designed Heat/Cool/Chill Packages.

The Chiller package controls can be integrated with the overall process control via PLC or DCS

Operating Advantages

The Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd. Chiller Skids have several advantages over mechanical refrigeration for low temperature operation.

  • Compact Construction on Single Skid
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Suitable for Operation in Hazardous Areas
  • Simple Design for Low Maintenance
  • Local or Remote Operation
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Low Noise/Environmentally Friendly

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