Design and Engineering Services

Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd. are able to offer a full service advising clients on all aspects of Process Heating, Cooling and Chilling. This service can include the design of new installations as well as trouble shooting and optimising existing plant.

Full Heating and Cooling System design for new installations or for the extension of existing operating plant. The service will be tailored to a client’s specific needs and the stage of development of the particular project.

The service will include detailed assessments of heat transfer rates achievable, plant utilisation, selection of components for the service facility and mechanical design of the system.

System Design Services

Working closely with clients, Thermal Fluid Systems can advise on:

  • The selection of a heat transfer fluid and estimate of heating/cooling/chilling performances or the processes

  • Recommendations on the basis of selection for the components of the heat/cool installation to achieve the calculated duties

  • Process guarantees will be provided

  • A total system design for a multi installation in line with client operating requirements

  • A Systems design to fit the overall design philosophy and to budget constraints

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Process Optimisation

Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd. can help you get the maximum out of an existing production plant by surveying the plant and making recommendations for optimising performance.

This could include such matters as correct heat transfer fluid selection, optimising fluid circulation rates, selecting correct fluid temperatures at all stages of the processing programme, ensuring that production is not restricted by service limitations, etc.


Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd. offer their services to investigate process or mechanical operating problems with an existing installation and in many cases can make recommendations for improving the operation. Problems may occur because of limitations in the original design as well as changes to processing requirements. Many clients have benefitted from such investigations providing solutions to problems such as the following:

  • Poor Heating Rates
  • Poor Cooling and Chilling Rates
  • Slow Start Up
  • Poor Control of Critical Phases
  • Fluid Operating Problems
  • Fluid Contamination
  • Mechanical Problems

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